Dedicated Live Streaming

Vidcastic provides a dedicated live streaming environment that includes a customisable and secure website with dedicated video encoders and decoders enabling you to provide monetisable content to your audience.

Go live wherever and whenever with the ability to live stream content direct from your computer.

Simplify your live streaming solution with our automated dedicated hardware, schedule future events and let your appliance do the rest!

Customisable Website

Your channel website is customisable allowing you to make your user experience on-brand and seamless.

Custom Domains
Attach your own custom domain to your Vidcastic channel allowing you to deliver a more customised experience.


Payments are integrated directly into your channel allowing you to provide a payment wall to access your content.

Vidcastic never holds any of your funds, we collect our fee for servicing your viewer at payment source this means any money you make is paid out directly to you by Stripe.

Broadcast Grade

Vidcastic lets you use a wide range of internet and professional media formats to produce high-quality video outputs that look great on any device. With support for ultra-high definition resolutions, high dynamic range video and audio features.

Analytics and Insights

Get a detailed analytics from your channel by reviewing data over time to help monitor performance and maximise opportunities.

See real-time insights into how your channel is performing with realtime event and payment data.

Analytics and Insights data is available in your channel admin.

Globally Distributed

Built on-top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) the Vidcastic platform is available globally, backed by the global AWS backbone.

We provide flexibility for you to decide which region you want to deploy your channel in, this enables you to serve your content closest to your audience for the best user experience.

Dedicated Resources

Your Vidcastic environment is fully dedicated and isolated from other customers, this also means your data is fully secure and isolated.

Dedicated Resources
We do not pool any resources to deliver your Vidcastic environment, when your channel is provisioned we provision you a fully dedicated environment.

Pay per View

Pay per View allows you to operate with any up-front investment. Vidcastic does not charge you until your first customer purchases your content, at this point we collect our fees depending on your channel setup.

Protection is built in to permit one live playback per purchase to offer a layer of protection for your content.

Security and Protection

Vidcastic is secure by design, we have carefully designed and built services with security as a major dependency. All customer environments are fully isolated from each other.

We use Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Encryption to protect your live streaming content, preventing any direct unauthorised playback.

Scaling and Availability

Vidcastic has been designed with scaling as a primary focus, your channel will automatically scale to meet any demand.

You can decide to deploy your Vidcastic environment into an availability zone providing a highly available environment with failover protection.

Zero Investment

Launch your live streaming content with with zero up front investment! Charges are pay-per-view based and are based on consumption, meaning you don’t pay anything until your first customer pays!

Time to supercharge your live streaming!

To get started with Vidcastic, contact us using the form below and a member of the team will reach out to you.